Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Why Tell the Truth?

Here's Why!

In Dr. Joseph Stowell’s article, Why Tell the Truth? He explains why as a Christian, we are obligated to tell the truth. Of course, there are moral values such as truth telling which most of world aligns with, regardless of their religion or faith. However, as a Christian, there are reasons we should tell the truth. I think that is great because God is not just forcing us to tell the truth without any reasoning behind it. First, Stowell believes we should tell the truth as a Christian we would in return become more like God. Telling the truth builds character, and that character ultimately sets us close to the character of God Himself. The second reason Stowell gives is that we exist because for the purpose of being Christ-like, which includes telling the truth at all times. The last reason he sites is the fact that by being truthful, we show the authority of God in our submission to his commandments. As an inspiring Christian journalist, these are full proof reasons why I should tell the truth not just in my daily like, but in the workplace as well.
Dr. Stowell goes on to categorize four types of truth distortion. The first is beguilement, which unfortunately probably has been used in journalism many times. In the case of beguilement, a journalist may find themselves for example, in a predicament where he or she may knowingly or unknowingly jump to conclusions in order to “hype up” a legal story. Without knowing the proper information or evidence, the journalist has participated in distorting the truth for personal gain. Deceit, the second type of truth distortion, could be used by a Christian journalist if for instance they neglect to add key ideas belonging to the main points of a story. This happens several times in today’s news stories, especially in television media. People may need to find out more information by checking their local newspaper because in order to seemingly grab the audience’s attention, they will leave out valid, but uninteresting information. The third type of truth distortion, lying, is a common “tool” used in journalism and all forms of communication today and someone may stretch the truth in order to improve the outlook of themselves as a journalist to the public in order to gain affection. The last type is false witness, in which case two journalists may tell lies about each other in order to boost their title in their individual professions.
Luke 16:10 says “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.” If we can do something as seemingly harmless as telling a “white lie”, then God should not trust us with anything of great value. I agreed with every point Dr.Stowell made about truth distortion, because the moral values of today are rapidly declining.

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